Erotic Advent Calendars from ORION Wholesale

To make the Advent period even sweeter than before there are neutral, erotic Advent calendars available from ORION Wholesale.

The Luxury Advent Calendar is in a ‘display case’ design and has 24 removable boxes. There are extremely erotic surprises in all 24 boxes: high-quality sex toys, lingerie, massage oil, lubricant, condoms, cheeky sex games, joke items and much, much more! Furthermore, there is either an interesting bit of information about sex or a hot sex tip on the side of every box (in German and English). The information or sex tip relates to the item inside the box.

The ‘box trick’ adds that something special to the calendar’s beautiful design – the empty boxes can be turned around and then put back in the calendar so that an erotic picture slowly appears! Furthermore, the stability of the calendar is even better than the previous version. This version also has a stand at the back, which means that it can be stood up like a photo frame.

A booklet comes with the calendar showing which items are inside. The included booklet can be removed if a customer doesn’t want to know what’s inside the calendar or if they want to give it to someone as a present.

A very special highlight is the XXL Fetish Advent Calendar with 24 doors right up to “Silent Night”! The calendar’s design is the same as last year but the order of the numbers and the content have changed. Bittersweet pleasure is hiding behind each door, e.g. floggers, gags, various restraints, nipple clamps, leather accessories, anal toys and other amazing items like lingerie and condoms. However, there is also something else that’s new: there is an insert inside the calendar with pictures that show the customer how to use the product or with cheeky tips or phrases relating to the Advent period.

Both calendars are individually packaged in shipping cartons and labelled. This means that ORION Wholesale customers get a shipping carton that protects the calendar from getting damaged when it’s being handled. It’s also great for your customers too because the neutral packaging means that they can take their calendar home in a discreet way.

These Sexy Chocolate Advent Calendars are just the right thing for all those who like it sweet and sexy:
“Sexy Xmas” with a picture of a sexy woman in a Christmas outfit on the front – erotic figures made of delicious milk chocolate are hiding behind the 24 doors.

“Sexy Xmas” with sexy Santas – a chocolate heart and an erotic picture of a man is hiding behind each of the 24 doors.

And the heart-shaped Couple’s Advent Calendar makes sure that the couple have a “seductive Christmas time”, thanks to the 24 tasks that get hotter and hotter each day. The outside of each door indicates whether it’s for HIM, for HER or for BOTH of them. German and English.