Eye of Love’s Pheromone Scents now as easy-to-stock kits

Eye of Love’s most beloved Love on Run scents are now available in roll-on kits. They’re a good starter set for customers new to the brand and also well suited for gifting. Eye of Love pairs fragrances with pheromones to enhance the wearer’s “biological magnetism”.

Grouped by desired outcome for maximum impact, kits of 5ml roll-ons are available for male attraction to female wearers, female attraction to male wearers, male to male attraction, and female to female attraction.

“We’ve been hearing our retailers ask for kits of our fragrances for a while,” Jacqui Rubinoff, Eye of Love Vice President, says. “And we wanted to be sure we got the packaging and fragrance selections perfect before releasing. I think we really did.”

These are Eye of Love’s most popular parfums grouped together. For male to female attraction, the package includes the best-selling Seduce, Flirt and Attract. For female to male attraction, there’s the trio of Fierce, Rebel and Charm. Male to male customers will find Dare and Suave in their kits. Customers seeking female to female attraction will find Arouse and Enchant in theirs. The product of course remains the same – pheromones layered with tantalizing scents – now packaged for maximum sales potential and stock-management ease.