First AID for him

Velv’Or has released a collection of three creams for penises. Creams that can boost the penis, make it harder and give it more enduring power. Jelle Plantenga, owner of Velv’Or, explains the AID products: “Which guy or his lover doesn’t agree with me that he needs some first aid from time to time. In my eyes none on this globe! Or they are fooling themselves. I created this AID collection for all men on the globe that understand they need some first aid from time to time to satisfy themselves and their lovers”.
The creams all have their own specific goal in mind for the penis and can be used together or by themselves. BeBoosted is designed to make it fitter, firmer, thicker and gives it a stronger erection. BeEnduring numbs it slightly resulting in a delay of the ejaculation. BeHarder should make it hard. Velv’Or likes to highlight the Penis Stimulation Cream of their soon to be available AID collection. Be Boosted is a very smooth cream he can use on a daily basis. The cream is formulated to enrich the blood flow in the veins and cavernous bodies of his penis.