‘Fist It’ enriched with flavour

Shots introduces Fist It Strawberry. With the introduction of Fist It Strawberry, Shots is expanding their Fist It product line by means of this longed for flavour innovation. The trusted Fist It fisting lube thick and creamy feel was preserved and it has now been enriched by means of a sweet fruity addition. Fist It Strawberry is now in stock.

The Fist It Regular proved popular with consumers the first time round. Thus, earlier in 2015, Fist It Numbing and Fist It Extra Thick were the first two products added to the range. With this latest addition Shots furthers its product diversification strategy by adding a strawberry flavoured product to the line.

The successful product introduction of Fist It Regular has shown a number of success drivers. Including developing a differentiated product with a compelling value proposition; building in the voice-of-the-customer input; ‘Make Fist It more creamy!’. The response from the customer was heard and Fist It Extra Thick was developed. This proved an effective strategy, because consumers loved the first innovations. The simple recent innovation, by adding flavour, contributes immensely to the brand and turns Fist It into an even more mature product line.

Therefore, to the well-developed original sales hit Fist It Regular, besides consistency and functionality, there was already, on a tactile level, Fist It Extra Thick an innovation perceptible to the sense of touch. Fist It Strawberry has recently been added to stimulate all senses and experience a full sexual sensation with this gustatory stimulation.

Fist It products are compatible with condoms and gloves, water-based, non-sticky, long-lasting and easy to rinse off. Fist It products are applied to the skin for the effortless insertion of small, to larger objects, like fruits, hands and toys. Fist It Extra Thick feels extra creamy. Fist It Numbing comfortably numbs sensitive areas.