fleshlight girls signature collection

Fleshlight Distribution introduces ‘The Signature Collection’

Some of the Fleshlight Girls have been selected to have their current “Lotus” texture replaced with new exclusive and unique textures for each of them. After years of only offering its Fleshlight Girls product line with the “Lotus” sleeve texture across its entire FLG portfolio in wholesale, today marks the beginning of the rollout of the Fleshlight Girls Signature Collection.

The Signature Collection Fleshlights consists of:

  • Stoya’s “Destroya” (available now)
  • Nicole Aniston’s “Fit”
  • Jenna Haze’s “Obsession”
  • Tori Black’s “Torrid”
  • Riley Reid’s “Utopia”

Following the release of Stoya’s “Destroya”, the company will deliver the other four products for wholesale purchase within Q4 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017.  From that point forward, other top Fleshlight Girls will join the range until the “Lotus” sleeves are replaced with each girl’s customized texture.

“For a long time, our buyers have asked to be able to stock the custom sensation sleeves exclusive to each of our Fleshlight Girls and we decided it was time to give them what they wanted,” said Miguel Capilla, Sales Manager of Fleshlight International, “By offering the brick and mortar customer more textures to choose from, retailers can expect to move even more inventory than before because each is so unique and gives the user a totally different experience – they will want to buy them all!”

As the company transitions the Fleshlight Girls to the Fleshlight Girls Signature Collection, wholesale will be denoting this on packaging as “The Signature Collection” to ensure the new offering stands out to buyers and customers.  “We are really excited to empower our buyers with more tools to generate more revenue for their stores – this is a really incredible time at Fleshlight and there is so much more in store for everyone as we get ready for 2017,” Miguel said, “we are ready to make some big moves!”