Frank Lawrence unveils glimpse into Vibrating Tarot

Frank Lawrence, independent artist, typographer, and owner of Pallor Publishing graphic design consultancy, is offering industry members a glimpse into his forthcoming project, Vibrating Tarot.

The first tarot deck of its kind, Vibrating Tarot is a full-color, 90-card tarot deck that depicts iconic pleasure products, kink/BDSM gear and related accessories as classic tarot archetypes. Nearly 300 globally-renowned pleasure products from over 100 different product manufacturers and indie creators have been included in the deck of cards. Confirmed companies include CB-X Chastity, COTR, Crystal Delights Glass, Hismith, Motorbunny, Vibratex, and XR Brands Lovebotz and Master Series, to name a few.

Vibrating Tarot is a fun and innovative way to showcase the link between pleasure and presence, and we’re excited to see the Magic Wand featured so prominently,” said Ken Herskovitz, CEO of Vibratex.

In February 2020, Lawrence started to invest time into tarot and divination research, product selection, building industry relationships, and art design. As of March 2023, the majority of the deck has been completed, with the permission of each participating company. Vibrating Tarot celebrates the diversity of independent artists and pleasure-centric businesses of all sizes,” commented Lawrence. “The goal is to create a tarot deck that draws a meaningful connection between the products and their corresponding card. Significance behind the artwork is everything within the tarot, and this deck is no exception. I extend immense gratitude to those who have supported this project.”

Products were selected based on a set of core values, including body-safe manufacturing, LGBTQ+ inclusivity, and a kink-positive ethos. Product functionality, shape, material and colors were also chief decision makers.  Lawrence is currently finalizing the artwork and collecting signed licensing agreements that will enable a crowdfunding campaign in May 2024, facilitating the production and distribution of the project’s first edition.

COTR founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair Rosen enthused “It’s very cool to see this project evolve—and so wonderful to know that we are a big part of it.”

The artwork is reimagined on the backgrounds of Pamela Colman Smith’s original 1909 black and white tarot illustrations, which became public domain in 2022. In addition to receiving endorsements from members of the pleasure products community, Vibrating Tarot has also been endorsed by U.S. Games Systems, publisher of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck

To learn more about the project, visit vibratingtarot.comAll inquiries please contact