Free, neutral customer magazine:    New edition of the lifestyle magalogue ‘justlove’ available 

The new edition of the erotic lifestyle magalogue justlove is now available. The focus of the free and neutral customer magazine is on sexual wellness and sex positivity both visually and in terms of content. There are 44 pages full of exciting topics about the greatest pastime in the world.  

The 4th issue of the magalogue justlove gives the reader some recommendations for erotic refreshments on hot summer days and takes them on a fragrant journey of the senses. Some other highlights in this issue are the topics of penis enlargement, tips for arousing foreplay and a quick guide on how to dirty talk. Also, everything important when planning a visit to a Swingers Club – what to wear, how to act and what to expect! In addition, a chance to win premium sex toys from Svakom. 

The new edition of justlove is available in English and German. Specialist retailers can order the free neutral magalogue for erotic lifestyle so that they can pass it on to their customers. This A5 magalogue is perfect for customer retention: 

The new edition of ‘justlove’  is  now available as an online magalogue in the download area at Just download it and integrate it into your own online shop – to increase demand and sales.