Frisky designs from Envy

The menswear collection at Tonga has recently become more sexy and more exciting with new frisky designs from Envy! Two sets and 10 single pieces of underwear for men were added to the Tonga assortment. There are briefs, shorts and thongs in the new arrivals and they all have seductive pouches and even more tantalizing back sides. One of the thongs has a thin band low across the hips and features a lace-up element tying the thong together at the buttocks. Another one is bondage-inspired. The back of this piece features lace ties along the hips, lending to the jockstrap backside. There‚Äôs a mesh and pleather brief with a zipper in the front, a low waist brief with a tie-up design at the pouch, a fishnet brief that is sheer and playful and a fishnet open back brief. Crafted in a unique large fishnet, this Envy jock sits low on the hips and features all the support where men really need it. Designed in a classic jock fashion, the fishnet encircles each thigh and leaves the back open. A thong and a trunk are also offered in wide fishnet material and it gets even more daring with the Hercules and the Bad Boy! 

Hercules – In classical mythology, Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures. The Envy thong with this name is meant for penis owners with a sense of adventure. Bondage-inspired and crafted with masculinity in mind, this overtly sexy thong features a thick band across the hips (with snaps!), finishing at a domineering O-ring. Attached to the O-ring is a simple pouch, completing at the back in a thong design.
Bad Boy – This Bad Boy features straps and they are certainly getting sexier by the minute! This playful and bondage inspired short from Envy features a supportive front and a myriad of straps and rings crossing the hips. The back is nearly entirely open, with straps crossing the tops of the thighs and a G-string inspired finish. for penis owners with courage and a little mischievous vice or those that love the strappy looks and the O-rings that give the piece its daring looks.