FUN FACTORY celebrates press launch for VIM, its first-ever wand

FUN FACTORY celebrated the imminent launch of VIM, the brand’s first-ever wand, with a press event at the Museum of Sex in New York City on Thursday, March 9th. The event featured workshops from Kristen Tribby, FUN FACTORY’s Head of Global Marketing and Education; Zachary Zane, a renowned author and industry columnist; and Carly S., a sexpert and wand pro.

The event not only welcomed VIM to FUN FACTORY’s repertoire, but also took attendees on a journey of sexual knowledge. Discussion topics included the impact of wands on American masturbation styles and how to use wands for all bodies. The presentations finished with a delightful talk about how to use wands for penises and edging.

Kristen Tribby, FUN FACTORY’s Head of Global Marketing and Education, says, “At FUN FACTORY, we are all about giving the consumer the best possible experience with our products. That’s largely why we held off on introducing a wand into our product line until now. We’ve spent a long time researching other wands; we wanted to correct the problems in those toys. That’s why VIM is 50% quieter and 32% lighter than the leading wand, and also super customizable, so that beginners and connoisseurs can enjoy the wand.”

Tribby took to the panel to speak about VIM’s functionality and how it addresses the pain points of major wand brands currently on the market. She explained how VIM works for wand lovers, haters, and everyone in between, and gave a short history of the wand and its impact on American culture.

Zachary Zane, a Brooklyn-based columnist, sex expert, and activist, educated the audience on using VIM for penis pleasure, introducing VIM to couples’ play, and contending with sex-negative stigmas. Plus, he explained how to use VIM for edging and highlighted VIM’s Edging program.

I used to think wands were just for vulvas, but when I started using wands in partnered play, I realized they are super satisfying and really fun, no matter what you’re working with. I especially recommend VIM for edging and anal stimulation.”

Carly S., a pleasure educator and blogger aka the “Queen of Wands,” spoke about body confidence in the bedroom. She revealed how to use wands to map pleasure, not just in intimate areas, but all over the body. She also spoke about the versatility of wands and how they can be used on every body.

Wands are a powerful tool for mapping your pleasure. Using them is one of the best ways to build body confidence because it helps you focus on sensation and celebrate your whole body, not just your bits. When you’re more tuned into what feels good to you, you will have a better time in bed.”