FUN FACTORY revolutionizes battery operated sex toys with BATTERY+

Want to live out your appetite for FUN, whenever and wherever? Then FUN FACTORY’s five new toys of the BATTERY+ line are just the thing for you! For these toys are always ready to go at the click of a button – as long as two AAA batteries are handy. The all new technology within the vibrators doesn’t only recognize whether standard or rechargeable batteries are in place, combined with the CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE cable you can even charge the latter directly inside the toy – making all BATTERY+ models become rechargeable toys in next to no time.

Deep vibrations, the most powerful battery operated toy on the market, full power to the height of stimulation. Add to that five different shapes, made from medical grade silicone in ten fresh colors, and MR BOSS, ABBY G, DIVA DOLPHIN and Co. are just as flexible in their appearance as they are in their energy supply. The latest product novelties seduce with stimulating curves for G-spot and prostate massage, small extensions for the clit and perineum, and some charming visual homages to FUN FACTORY bestsellers of past years.
Our electrical engineers and technicians have worked meticulously and come up with a yet one-of-a- kind patented system: When connected to a power source by the CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE cable, the smart toy recognizes the kind of battery inside, and only starts charging when detecting rechargeable batteries. For those preferring standard batteries – just as easy: simply replace them every now and then, depending on how long and how often the toy is used.
Another groundbreaking feature of FUN FACTORY’s newest invention is the consistent energy performance right to the finale. Other than with standard battery toys, the BATTERY+ models not only impress with their extra powerful motors, but also with their ability to keep up that power level consistently from start to finish.

The perfect combination of convenience, power, eco-friendliness and exciting design, all BATTERY+ toys can be upgraded to rechargeable toys with the HYBRID KIT – two rechargeable batteries and the CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE cable allow the toys to be charged just like any FUN FACTORY rechargeable vibrator.
All models have four vibration intensities and six rhythms, and are available for 79,90 €. The HYBRID KIT – two high performance rechargeable batteries and the FUN FACTORY charger – is available for 19,90 €.

All toys of the BATTERY+ line are handcrafted from medical grade, body-friendly silicone, are waterproof and like all FUN FACTORY products 100% made in Germany. And all can be used with standard as well as rechargeable batteries.