Fun Toys is releasing three new generation products

Fun Toys is ready to present three innovative creations: G-jack, G-ring and G-plug. While every FunToys product until now was made of silicone, the G-jack is made of a new material, called Bioskin. This allowes for a new experience for the customer according to the company. Another new product is a multi­‐usage G‐ring. This easy to use toy can serve both as a finger vibrator and as a remote control for other Fun Toys, making it well suited for solo usage as well as games with a partner. The last but not least new Fun Toys product is the small rechargable but plug G-plug. First presented on the eroFame in 2013, G-plug is gaining popularity between the anal fun searches due to its best selling sizes. It has a diameter of only 3 cm. It also comes in large size of 3,9 cm. More information at