FunFactory presents the MiSS Bi

With two motors and a shape that is very well tailored to the female anatomy, MiSS Bi stimulates the G-spot, vagina and the clitoris. Studies show that a good 75% of all women reach orgasm solely through stimulation of the clitoris. An additional massage of the internal erogenous zones, such as the G-spot or the front of the vagina, increases sexual arousal and can lead to orgasm of an even higher intensity. After an extensive design phase and numerous testing by our toy-users all over the world, the Bremen sex toy producer was able to design MiSS Bi – a vibrator with dual stimulation.

MiSS Bi’s two separately controllable motors send you into thrills of ecstasy with a whole new experience – vaginal and clitoral stimulation in expert harmony. When inserted, the round and flexible tip of the short and compact toy accurately massages the G-spot, which lies just centimeters inside the entrance to the vagina. The silicone toy shaft, being thicker at the lower end, provides a pleasurable feeling of fullness. Additionally, MiSS Bi’s unique, bendable extension simultaneously reaches the clitoris, the second hot spot of female desire. Working in combination with the motor in the full shaft, the second motor in the extension provides a richer, more intense sensation than most clitoral vibes.

MiSS Bi’s curved lines and velvety, brightly colored medical grade silicone in titillating turquoise, pink or grape are reminiscent of the billowing petticoats and curvaceous feminine figures of the 50’s. The LOOP control unit ensures safe handling, even when using lots of lubricant, and, at the same time, makes using the toy especially intuitive via the three raised control buttons. The red FUN button stops and starts MiSS Bi and each motor is individually controllable via its own button. Each motor can be turned on or off separately, letting only one area be the focus of attention. With three vibration rhythms and intensities per motor, a total of 50 different combinations are possible. When a personal favorite has been found, this combination can be saved as the start program.