Get festive with Le Désir Glitzz

If you weren’t in the Christmas mood yet, the new Le Désir collection by SHOTS will definitely get you there! Glitzz is a festive collection full of bodysuits, lingerie sets, dresses, stockings and more. The collection has the same quality that you’re used to from Le Désir, but just with a little more sparkle. 

In the collection are three items that are specifically for Christmas. They’re red and have white fluffy snowlike details, but there’s much more to the collection. Maura Claes, SHOTS Account Manager Lingerie, explains: “We understand that people like to wear the lingerie more than one time per year. That’s why the other items are more festive rather than Christmassy.” The festive look is accomplished by adding a dash of gold on the packaging as well as rhinestones to the designs. In this way, you can wear the lingerie other times in the year as well. Whether it’s your birthday, Easter or whatever moment you’re down for a party, you can wear your Le Désir Glitzz. 

As you might know from Le Désir, all items come in a regular size and a Queensize, because Le Désir stands for beauty in every shape and size. The material is extremely stretchable so it will fit every body type. Apart from the three Christmas designs, each design comes in a black and red edition. 

So, are you ready to be the best Christmas present underneath the Christmas tree? Make sure you order your Le Désir Glitzz now. “Glitzz is a limited edition collection,” tells Maura. “So, when our stock is empty, it won’t be coming back.”