Goliath Books Signed Prints

Goliath offers limited edition signed photographs

Goliath Books are now offering handsigned photography prints of some of its most iconic pictures from its most famous photographers, including the world renowned Leonardo Glauso, Holly Randall, Christian Saint and pin-up specialist Chas Ray Krider. All pictures are signed, sealed and delivered for Valentine’s day. They are strictly limited edition – only 30 of each will be made – handsigned, high quality, numbered and available at a great entry-level price.

Contemporary art as well as photography underwent an incredible boom in the past 30 years. If, when, how or why a piece of art increases in value can only sometimes be predicted. Unfortunately there is no guarantee. Rule number one is, to merely collect what you personally like. This is why Goliath has compiled a selection of images from which a favorite can be chosen. A full selection of images are available at goliathbooks.com.