Good Vibes comes with a good discount at EDC Wholesale

To introduce EDC Wholesale’s newest brand with a Good Vibe, the company offers a special discount on the full range of Good Vibe Only. The collection includes 12 items; rabbit vibrators, g-spot vibrators, clitoris stimulators and wand massagers in the joyful colors turquoise and purple.
To help the customer promote the brand, the Holland-based wholesaler created a ‘Good Vibes Only’ media pack with banners, ads, newsletters and videos with a good vibe. The Motion Graphic Designer from EDC Wholesale designed several video’s with a vibrant background and happy bouncing vibes, to emphasize the joyful feeling. To finish it all, the video is supported with a happy tune that gives people a happy, excited and joyful feeling that energizes the body and mind. The media pack is available for retailers to download. Send an email to your EDC account manager to request the download link.
Good Vibes Only is the newest house brand, designed by EDC Wholesale. The meaning of each product name is ‘happy’ or ‘joy’. The happy and joyful theme has been implemented throughout the brand, with a vibrant color spectrum, inspired by today’s digital media. The style is fresh with abstract and round elements that represent the happy feeling of the brand.
The products itself also gives happy vibes, as they are created from the best material, a powerful motor that gives that happy feeling and can be used in the shower or bath, in bed or any other place to feel that Good Vibe.