Happy Diva new and exclusive at SCALA

SCALA announced a new brand: Happy Diva. This collection of intimate care products has a fun, sexy match for every preference. From long-lasting lubricants to arousing clitoral gels.

The Happy Diva collection contains over a dozen sensual formulas. The collection includes multiple high-quality, long-lasting lubricants, each with their specific appeal. There’s a waterbased lube, a silicone lube, an anal lube, a vegan lube, and even an edible body lubricant. In addition to these, the Happy Diva range offers more tantalizing fun with its arousal formulas, such as the Spice Me Up! stimulating gel. Looking for intimate wellness products? Happy Diva also has these covered with its special After Sex gel, which contains Aloe Vera to soothe the skin around your hotspots, leaving everything down there feeling soft and nourished.

All the Happy Diva intimate care products come in fun, flirty, and eye-catching packaging with contemporary artwork. The brand is young, fresh, vibrant, and flirty – and has a mainstream, non-intimidating appeal perfect for in-store display.

The Happy Diva products are now ready to order at SCALA. You can order the products individually, or stock up on the entire collection with the Happy Diva Display – containing 45 full-sized products in an attention-grabbing presentation display.