Heating and Thrusting Dream Toys

The extensive and successful Vibes of the Love label already featured a heating and thrusting vibrator, the magenta coloured Heating Thruster with a big clitoral stimulator, 3 motors and a warming function in the penis shaped top. This toy recently got a purple Dream Toys sister, the new Heating Thrust Machine. This thrusting duo vibrator has 9 vibration rhythms in the main body and also 9 in the clitoral stimulator, plus 9 thrusting speeds! The new Dream Toys vibe also features a heating function: the top warms up to body temperature (max 42°C) as soon as vibrations are on. The vibrations can all be activated independently. The Heating Thrust Machine duo vibrator is IPX7 waterproof and rechargeable with the included magnetic USB cable. It has an ergonomic design that is easy to handle and the clitoral stimulator is particularly flexible.

Warming toys are not only great in winter when it might be a bit chilly in the room. Indeed it’s pleasant and comfortable to use a pre-warmed toy when it’s cold in the bedroom and getting hot under the sheets. But there’s more! The temperature of the toy helps increase the blood flow in the genitals and relaxes the muscles, which helps arousal and eases tension. Another benefit is that a toy with body temperature makes the experience much more realistic.
There are also other toys in the Dream Toys collection that that can warm up to body temperature too. In the Goddess Collection there are 5 dark blue vibrators with a warming function, one of them is a duo vibrator. In the Royal Fantasies collection there are two of them: the duo vibrator Castalia and the flat headed Panacea. And in the Vibes of Love collection there’s the Heating Bunny in soft pink, the magenta Heating Bodywand, the magenta Heating Thruster and the new purple Heating Thrust Machine.
All mentioned products are available from Tonga.