Homme – Increase your desire

Reusable Homme penis enlargement sleeves by Lola Games are universal intimate accessory which mission is to help men to achieve their cherished goal by giving additional features and impressions.

Homme sleeves are made in two variations and sizes based on the average penis sizes of most men, which are 9-12 and 11-15 cm. The Homme sleeves by Lola Games prolong the intimacy time, compensate anatomical inconsistency and stretch perfectly, making its usage accessible to every user.

Homme penis enlargement sleeves allow the user to increase the penis by 3 cm in length or up to 1.5 cm in width. Homme Wide has dense walls with a thickness of 7 mm to increase the diameter, and Homme Long for increasing the length, has a dense, but soft to the touch built-in extension cord, which is part of the toy. The design of the sleeves is unrealistic – they will not cause an association of an active partner with an additional organ and will not allow you to feel possible inconveniences. Each sleeve is available in three delicate pastel colors: white, nude and pink.

The soft Homme material feels like a second skin, and the double relief outside and inside the sleeve additionally stimulates both the vagina and the penis at the same time. A convenient ring at the base of the toy will securely fix the sleeve on the scrotum and the trunk of the penis, which will prevent its rolling during the intimate process. The fixing ring not only holds the toy on the penis, but also strengthens the erection of the active partner, gently squeezing the scrotum. Homme sleeves are moisture-resistant and easy to care for, which will ensure comfortable use throughout the entire life cycle of the accessory.

Homme cardboard packages are completely biodegradable, and the accessories themselves are stored in a convenient non-woven bag that will protect the accessory from direct sunlight, minor damage and rubbing. All the basic information and a schematic image of the internal relief and dimensions are displayed on the package in the form of minimalistic icons.