Pulse 3 Solo and Duo

Hot Octopuss receives rave reviews for third wave of PULSE sex toys

Hot Octopuss just released the third installment of its sex toys, PULSE III SOLO and PULSE III DUO and received reviews from the press, globally. Both new toys utilize the brand’s signature oscillating technology as well as incorporating enhanced features.

PULSE III SOLO, for men, is fully waterproof, has five pre-set vibration modes, a speed sensor, magnetic charging and an all-new turbo function. PULSE III DUO, for couples, also boasts the above features, but additionally features independently-controllable vibrations for her via a hand-held remote control.

Upgraded features for the PULSE III collection include:

  • Turbo function (SOLO + DUO) – jumps straight to max power from any starting point
  • Magnetic charging (SOLO + DUO)
  • Speed/anti-stall sensor (SOLO + DUO)
  • Improved second motor for enhanced female stimulation – 25 per cent more powerful (DUO)

Hot Octopuss co-founder and creator of PULSE, Adam Lewis, commented “I am so proud of the PULSE III toys. They are the result of years of hard work and constructive feedback, support and encouragement from our wonderful community, made up of customers, bloggers, retailers and fellow sexy toy makers.” Both PULSE III products retain the qualities of the world’s first ever Guybrator, which allow men to use the device from both flaccid or erect states. This offers a solution for men and couples whose sex lives may be suffering as a result of erectile dysfunction.

The PULSE III SOLO and DUO toys also utilize oscillating technology to create high amplitude vibrations for maximum stimulation for both sexes. The design provides an enhanced sexual experience, which may also help combat psychosexual issues.

Adam Lewis added: “The response to the PULSE III toys has been overwhelming from both the media and the public. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to continue offering sexual satisfaction in a way that no other brand has even thought to do.” All Hot Octopuss products are available to purchase via the Hot Octopuss website, and through various retailers worldwide. Pricing information is listed below:

PULSE II SOLO – £79/ $109 (USD) /€99/ $149(AUD), ¥12,528
PULSE II DUO – £99/ $149 (USD) /€129/ $189 (AUD), ¥17,712