Summer apparel with Fantasy Lingerie at Scala Playhouse

The fashionable, sexy and provocative looks by Fantasy Lingerie come in a wide range of quality fabrics and designs. The lingerie brand is there for every woman, regardless of her size, and features a extensive range of regular sized – as well as plus-sized – choices.

Scala Playhouse says that one of the highlights from the assortment is the Pothole Dress. The strapless tube dress features a trendy cut-out design; revealing plenty of skin, yet still leaving something to the imagination. The stretchy, soft fabric will hug her curves, highlighting her feminine shape in a very lustful way. This dress is great to wear over a bikini or swimsuit, for an instant chic beach cover-up, ready to hit the club. Or pair it with some sexy booty shorts and a statement bra for an even more daring look.  The Pothole Dress by Fantasy Lingerie is ready to order at Scala Playhouse in the colors black and purple.