International Dreamlove presents ANNE’S DESIRE

International Dreamlove is releasing ANNE’S DESIRE, an elegant and sensual brand that is going to revolutionize the world of sexuality and sensuality in the coming years thanks to the quality of its products, innovative designs, capable of captivating anyone, and new ideas to find total pleasure in intimate relationships. “Our philosophy is the total and full enjoyment of all kinds of sexual pleasures. We consider it a universal right that must be inalienable and always protected,” the company says. “We work on the philosophy of satisfying distinguished clients. To do this, we fully support the rights to pleasure that we all have. Thus, we were born not only as ANNE’S DESIRE and manufacturers of revolutionary sex toys, but also as experience designers who seek full fun, trying to achieve new worlds of satisfaction along the way that overflow the five senses.” All ANNE’S DESIRE Toys include the WATCHME technology. This is a sex smart watch that will help users control all ANNE’S DESIRE sex toys. It can be paired with all sex toys that use the WATCHME technology to control vibrations and functions. 

All ANNE’S DESIRE toys are made of medical grade silicone, they are waterproof and USB rechargeable. There are five products available at the moment: Curve, Rabbit, Egg, Dual and Panty Secret.