International Lovecherry is introducing Elon

International Lovecherry is introducing Elon, the new intelligent MasturbaDrone for men from the IntoYou brand,. Elon is not an ordinary male masturbator. Crafted with top-tier materials, it guarantees lasting satisfaction with its exceptional performance and durability, the company says. Elon boasts a wide array of features, making it the ultimate companion for exploration and maximum enjoyment. With 8 thrusting up-and-down motion modes, it perfectly simulates the sensation of an expertly crafted vagina, mouth, or hands. Additionally, it offers 10 vibration modes to add an extra dimension to your solo sessions. To bring the user closer to reality, International Lovecherry incorporated a heat function with two intensities, elevating the temperature to a cozy 42ºC, providing warm and pleasurable sensations in minutes. What’s even better is that all these functions are independent, allowing to customize the experience. But that’s not all. Elon comes with a 360º mobile accessory, perfect for enjoying movies hands-free. Compatible with any type of mobile device, it’s the ideal choice for a more immersive experience. Its futuristic and interactive design is impressive. Shaped like a game console controller, its oscillating side supports can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Play-style buttons let the user navigate through different functions, adding an element of fun and entertainment to the experience.

Key features of Elon:

– Intelligent interactive MasturbaDrone with advanced technology

– 8 Up-and-Down thrusting motion functions

– 10 vibration functions

– 2 heat functions with temperatures up to 42ºC

– Independent functions for a personalized experience

– Oscillating side supports for maximum control

– 360º mobile accessory

– Powerful motor for exceptional performance

– Excellent quality for a long-lasting experience

– Easy-to-remove and clean sleeve

– Futuristic and interactive ‘Game Play’ design

– USB rechargeable

– Silent operation: <60 dB for discreet use

Elon is exclusively distributed by International Lovecherry. For more info visit