International Lovecherry is releasing a new line of Engily Ross dildos

Engily Ross introduces a new line of fantasy dildos, each boasting unique qualities and characteristics that are truly out of this world. These dildos feature color-changing properties, posable structure, and vibrating functions. Despite their diverse shapes, sizes, colors, and features, all dildos are crafted from the highest quality liquid silicone, ensuring an exceptionally smooth touch, International Lovecherry says. The dildos are phthalate-free, made from safe materials, and provide unparalleled satisfaction.

Each dildo is equipped with a powerful suction cup at the base, perfect for attaching to almost any smooth surface or for use with a compatible ring harness. To make the experience hassle-free, the brand included two universal harnesses in this line.

The dildos feature a classic shape with a rounded tip and ideal curvature for perfect stimulation. They also incorporate innovative technology to achieve maximum smoothness through spray finishing and UV curing treatment. Engily Ross fantasy dildos can be used hands-free with universal harnesses for partner play. The color-changing dildos will transform based on the temperature. At room temperature, they display a strong, powerful, and erotic tone. When exposed to body heat, they shift to a warmer, more sensual shade.

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