INTOME Hand Sanatizer Gel back in stock at EDC Wholesale

The Hand sanitizer Gel from INTOME is back in stock at EDC Wholesale and available for retailers to order now. The Holland-based company introduced this new item several weeks ago but sold out in a matter of minutes. New stock has arrived today.

In line with the current demand for hygienical products, the company recently added the Hand Sanitizer Gel to its INTOME house brand collection, offering a range of intimate care products. The 100ml Sanitizer kills germs and bacteria to prevent the spread of germs. The gel comes in a practical bottle making it easy to dose.

Eric Idema, CEO at EDC Wholesale commented “We are pleased to have the Hand Sanitizer back in stock so quickly after running out of stock of the first batch. We see a tremendous demand for hygienical products, like toy cleaners, lubes, condoms and disinfecting products. Stocking these items has our main priority, to be able to supply in the current needs. In these times, where supply and demand are out of balance, we are doing everything within our possibility to offer these types of products to our customer base.”

EDC Wholesale emphasized that the Hand Sanitizer Gel is not suitable for cleaning sex toys.