Introducing at SCALA: The Love Connection Couple Ring from Xocoon

This Couple Ring is an extraordinary pleasure enhancer designed to elevate intimate moments. This Multiway Vibrating Ring with Remote Control boasts a distinctive open C-shaped design, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for both partners. Its flexible body, coupled with powerful dual motors, delivers intense vibrations, promising an unparalleled sensation that takes pleasure to new heights.

Whether used during foreplay to stimulate the nipples or worn as a couple’s ring during the heat of passion, the Love Connection Couple Ring is crafted to maximize orgasmic pleasure. The versatility of this vibrating ring allows to customize the experience, whether focusing on the clitoris, P-spot, or exploring various erogenous zones.

With the added convenience of a remote control, partners can effortlessly navigate through the ring’s settings, creating a personalized journey of pleasure. The Love Connection Couple Ring is more than just a sex toy; it’s an invitation to explore the next level of intimacy and satisfaction.