Introducing Stellar: The ultimate cockring for unforgettable pleasure

Lola Games is excited to unveil its latest adult toy novelty, Stellar, designed to revolutionize intimate experiences. The Stellar cockring sets a new standard by combining comfort and versatility to deliver unparalleled pleasure for individuals and couples.

Experience an extraordinary range of sensations with the Stellar cockring’s impressive selection of 20 vibration modes. Dive into a journey of exploration, indulging in various intensity levels and patterns that cater to your desires. Take pleasure to new depths with the Stellar cockring’s waterproof IPX7 rating. Safely explore underwater play, unlocking a world of aquatic adventures without any limitations or hesitation. Recharge your satisfaction effortlessly with the magnetic charging feature of the Stellar cockring.

Designed with both ergonomics and pleasure in mind, the Stellar cockring provides a comfortable and satisfying experience. Its thoughtfully crafted shape ensures a perfect fit for users of all sizes, offering pleasure without compromise. Indulge in luxury as the Stellar cockring embraces your most sensitive areas with its super soft silicone material. Experience unmatched comfort and a touch of lavishness during use, enabling you to effortlessly control the settings and create your own symphony of pleasure. Breaking boundaries, the Stellar cockring isn’t limited to the male anatomy. It goes beyond expectations by including features for clitoral and scrotum stimulation, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking to elevate their intimate moments. Furthermore, it can be combined with a dildo for an added dimension of stimulation and enjoyment.