Introducing Winni 2 – SVAKOM’s App Controlled Penis Ring

SVAKOM announces the release of its latest product – Winni 2.
“The original Winni was popular amongst SVAKOM customers,” a SVAKOM rep said. “We listened carefully to user feedback and created an updated, more powerful, and more accessible version”.Upgraded from the original design, Winni 2 contains the additional features of App control and an LED light. Winni 2 features 5 different vibration patterns designed to stimulate the penis and the clitoris through it’s pointed head. Each vibration mode contains 5 different levels of intensity. “Winni 2’s ring is ultra-stretchy and designed to fit any size. It can expand to impressive sizes and consistently constrict around the penis to provide divine satisfaction.”
Available in stylish black silicone with chic gold plating, Winni 2 offers luxury and comfort. The pointed head provides a wide, targeted range of stimulation while the super soft material allows for simple attachment and a gentle experience.“We kept the remote control as we want our toys to be as accessible as possible, but we also added App capabilities,” the SVAKOM rep continued. “Using the SVAKOM App, you can unlock a variety of extra functions such as long-distance play; perfect to explore your limits.” LED indicators offer a colorful method to keep track of favorite modes and allow for easy switching regardless of situation. “The pinhole charging gives Winni 2 an edge when seeking seductive adventure in wetter locations. A full charge will net you with a whole hour of mind-blowing fun.”

Winni 2 is available for order now.