iroha mai is changing the very concept of vibrating pleasure products

The iroha mai is the new pleasure product that is providing a completely new type of vibration with a deeper, more three-dimensional experience that is felt throughout your entire body. Incorporating the same technology that is used in smartphones, game controllers and other devices, haptic WAVE technology provides tactile feedback through vibration and movement which is changing the very concept of vibrations.

Haptic WAVE technology converts low-frequency sound waves into vibrations which stimulates the senses of touch and motion, providing a realistic experience for the user’s body

Users can control the intensity and choose from 10 unique and enticing sound-based rhythmic patterns to experience unprecedented pleasure of deep resonating vibrations throughout the body. Separate buttons furthermore give users freedom and control, so it is much easier to swap through the different sound wave patterns.

Eddie Marklew, Global Marketing Manager at iroha, says: “ The iroha mai is the first of its kind in the iroha series to use Haptic WAVE™ technology and gives the user almost unlimited possibilities of creating different patterns based on either real life sounds found in nature or artificially created sounds such as music. The vibrations produced are described as three-dimensional which means that the sensations experienced are deep and not concentrated on close proximity of the applied area but spread throughout the body. Thus, iroha Mai gives a unique sensation to the user that is not possible to get from other vibrators with conventional motors”.

The iroha mai is available in two varieties: TOKI (pink) and TSURU (white)