JAMYJOB – A new kind of entertainment system for men

JAMYJOB is about you. It’s about the pressure you like, it’s about the temperature that feels good, it’s about the texture that keeps you coming back for more. In all JAMYJOB versions the user controls the pressure. The JAMYJOB design also allows for a host of stroking techniques to change up the experience. And since JAMYJOB is a versatile toy, cleanup is a breeze. Made from 100% recyclable materials, JAMYJOB is latex, phthalate, lead and heavy metal free. Three versions are available: JOY, TRY and FUN. 

JOY:This mouth-shaped masturbator in red passion colour will be your most active carnal experience for the place where you feel comfortable, calm and ready to play hard.

TRY: This anus shaped masturbator in black colour is the right product if you like anal sex.

FUN: A masturbator in the shape of a vagina. If you like vaginal sex this is your masturbator, press to control the pressure. 

All three products are egg shaped masturbators that are ready for use anywhere. In addition, they include a water-based single-dose lubricant. The masturbators will stimulate the entire glans and part of the body of the penis. 

Available from Dreamlove.