The prostate stimulator XPANDER X3, designed to reach the male P-Spot, is now available at JOYDIVISON international AG. The user can squeeze the toy, so that its size is decreased by 50% for easy insertion. Once in place, it expands to its full size. The new X3 (MSRP 69€), like the vibrating X4+, was designed for experienced users while the also available X2 was made with beginners in mind. The XPANDER series is manufactured in Germany, made of high quality Slikomed and can be used with any lube.

„With the XPANDER we address all men, who are confident enough to increase their sexual pleasure with the assistance of aids. Sexual happiness is no taboo, just like anal stimulation. The new stimulator XPANDER opens up new worlds of pleasure,“ says Oliver Redschlag, CEO of JOYDIVISION.