Kheper Games, Inc. launches ‘Extreme Personal Questions for Lovers’

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce ‘Extreme Personal Questions for Lovers’. It is their newest game to expand on their most popular adult game line, ‘Extreme Personal Questions (EPQ)’. The second game is called ‘More Extreme Personal Questions’ and the third line extension is ‘Extreme Personal Questions for Lovers’. This new one combines the EPQ humor with the types of personal questions lovers want to know about each other. Each EPQ game offers 400 questions and hours of intriguing fun.

Game play is the same for all four EPQ games except EPQ for Lovers is meant for two players (of any gender).  In the other three games, players take turns asking the group questions and the first two volunteers share their answers. The group votes for their favorite answer, and that player wins the card as a point.  A player wins after 5 points. In EPQ for Lovers, players ask each other questions but elect whether or not to answer them. In this version, a player wins after 20 points   The content delivers well on the names of the four games, so brace yourself! Questions are HUGELY personal! Sample questions for this version include What is the oddest noise you have ever made in bed and why did you make it?And Why should I never become best friends with your most recent ex?

We are excited to bring this new game to market because if offers great content that can be extended along many date nights.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “This line of games has become a best-selling line for us, because people want to get to know each other better.”