Kheper Games, Inc. launches new Bath Bomb Sets

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the official launch of two new bath bomb sets:  Wine Scented Bath Bombs and Fizzing Bath Tints.The Wine-Scented Bath Bombs are a set of eight 15-gram bath bombs packaged in a hard, plastic wine glass. The set includes Chardonnay, Shiraz and Sangria scented bath bombs. It is very affordably priced as each bath only requires one bath bomb.   Immerse yourself by enjoying a glass of your favorite refreshment while also enjoying a dip in the tub.
The Fizzing Bath Tints include 12 wildflower scented mini-bath bombs.  Each bomb is 3 grams (.1 oz) and the recommended use is 1-3 per bath, depending desired effect for tinting and scent.  The fizzing bombs tint bath water instantly, without staining the tub.   Bomb colors and water tints include 4 each of pink, blue and purple.
“Bath bombs are extremely popular right now,” explains CEO Brian Pellham.  “Whether it be a gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just a fun weekend getaway purchase, we’re certain these new items will be a big hit.  They already have been hugely popular at our pre-launch at the eroFame show last month.  Also, you can’t walk into a store in a mall that sells gifts this holiday season, without seeing some sort of mainstream bath bomb product on their shelves.  We’re thrilled to be the company that introduced, Sexplosion!, the first adult bath bomb.   Sales have been SEX-ploding on this product!  So, we knew the time was right to introduce more adult oriented bath bomb concepts.”