Kheper Games, Inc. launches new D*ck! C*nt! Assh*le Party Game

Kheper Games, Inc. is proud to release its newest party game, ‘D*ck! C*nt! Assh*le!’ The fast-paced game of blurting expletives. It is a follow up and standalone second version of their top-selling ‘F*ck! Sh*t! Tw*t!’ game.

‘D*ck! C*nt! Assh*le!’ is a party game for 2-20 players where you score points for being the first player to blurt out an appropriate answer for a two-card combination. There are two decks of 100 cards and each possible combination from the two decks creates a unique possibility for an absurd and often dirty answer

In example of a possible game card combination is ‘Something you can put inside yourself,’ and ‘That splatters when it explodes.’ So, a player could blurt out ‘a dick’ for example as a proper answer, or, many other types of creative answers could work. The important thing in this game is to answer quickly as well as appropriately. A second example is ‘Something rude you should not do after sex.’ and ‘That is runny.’ So ‘fling semen’ could be a valid answer for this one.

As often as we are getting asked for more hilarious content for our adult games, we feel it is very important to come out with another version of this hit.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “You can play it separately or combine decks with F*ck! Sh*t Tw*t!, so you will never run out of possible combinations. As is our standard, we don’t impose booster packs, but instead offer game versions that don’t require the original to play.”