Kheper Games, Inc. launches new Dope! Party Game

‘Dope!’ is a party game of dumb questions for 3 or more players. It is set to launch at ANME this week with 14 other games, pasties, and barware items from Kheper Games, Inc. ‘Dope!’ includes four categories of dumb questions; ‘In the Joint’, ‘Duh or Huh?’, ‘Up in Smoke’, and ‘Simply Stoned’. A player spins the spinner and is asked one of the two questions from the card by another player. He/she/they then writes down an answer on the pad and the first other player to guess the answer (or closest to the answer) wins the card as point. Sample questions include ‘Which cereal brand mascot would I most like to have breakfast with?’ and ‘Where was I the last time I was locked inside something?’ “We are seeing our largest growth in party games with this type of personal questions humor,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Also the pot theme is very popular as well because so many states and countries are easing up restrictions on marijuana use. We don’t recommend use in this game and it’s just meant to be fun with an ounce (bag) of pot humor. Such as my pun.”