Kheper Games, Inc. launches new party game: Extreme Personal Questions for Stoners

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce Extreme Personal Questions for Stoners. It is their newest party game to expand on their most popular party game line, Extreme Personal Questions (EPQ). The second game is called More Extreme Personal Questions and the new one combines the EPQ humor with the cloudy-minded humor popular in Kheper Games’s pot-themed games. Each EPQ game offers 400 questions and hours of hilarious fun. Game play is the same for all three EPQ games.  Players take turns asking the group questions and the first two volunteers share their answers.  The group votes for their favorite answer, and that player wins the card as the point.  A player wins after 5 points.   The content delivers well on the name of the game, so brace yourself!  Questions are HUGELY personal! Sample questions for this version include ‘What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced, before saying, ‘Aw, screw it!’?’ And ‘If everything in your crisper draw came alive, what would you do with your new friends? “We are excited to bring this new game to market because of how humorous and incredibly flexible games in this line are in terms of game play.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Our EPQ line is great for smaller get togethers, either in person, or via video chat play.  As so many countries are coming out of social shutdowns due to Covid-19, we feel that it is very important that we do our part and help people learn to socialize safely with games like these. Making a version that is for stoners, is another fun direction we can take this game as the questions are pot-themed and really ridiculous and fun.”