Kheper Games, Inc. launches new romance item: Rose Petal Sexy Surprises

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce the ‘Rose Petal Sexy Surprises…’ as their newest addition to their line of romantic accessories.

‘Rose Petal Sexy Surprises’ is a romantic gift idea for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or any other time you want to surprise your lover. The set includes over 100 rose petals that you can write on, with the white pencil (also included). You write a word per petal and then leave a trail of petals towards a surprise. The sexy surprise can be a gift, a romantic bath for two, or perhaps just good ol’ naked you. After use, the white lead is easy to clean or erase, for resuse.

You can create our own scenarios or follow one of the eleven recommended sexy surprise rose petal trails. Samples are: ‘I’ve Got Three Surprises for You’, then you leave two gifts spread amongst a further trail of rose petals, and the third gift is you, waiting in bed. Another example is ‘Take Off All Your Clothes and Meet Me in the Kitchen,’ with the two of you cooking naked as the sexy surprise.

This item was one of our most popular launches at ANME and for the Valetine’s Day Season.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Couples are always looking for something new to try, and new ways to spice things up. Rose Petals Sexy Surprises is new and different. You can try our examples, or come up with your own. Perfect for creating an evening and not just a gift.”