Kheper Games, Inc. release new Cocktail and Sex Themed Playing Cards

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce that they are releasing two new card games: Cocktail Themed Playing Cards and Sex Toy Themed Playing Cards.

Cocktail Themed Playing Cards are a stylish and fun set of playing cards where the suits are cocktail themed. Spades are Black Opals, hearts are Blue Hawaiians, clubs are Appletinis and diamonds are Cosmopolitans. 

Sex Themed Playing Cards are a campy and fun set of playing cards where the suits are sex toy themed. Spades are butt plugs, hearts are vibrators, clubs are whips and diamonds are furry handcuffs. 

Card games continue to be a bestselling line for us and these fun expansions work great for adult party games utilizing standard poker decks.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “They will be an easy impulse buy for all customers and fans of our products. Just about everyone owns at least one poker deck, so why not share humorous ones on poker night, like the sex set with a jack staring at a vibrator and another one staring a butt plug!”