Glow in the Dark game by Kheper Games

Kheper Games launches Glow in the Dark Sex Game

The new Glow in the Dark Sex! is the first board game that completely glows in the dark, according to the company. The game box top, glows in the dark, but also so does the game board, game markers and spinner.

Two players begin the game as they would a normal board game. As they move around the board, they engage in foreplay, stripping, massaging and passionate kissing. When a player hits a “Lights Out?” space, he or she then decides if the couple will play a round in the dark. Foreplay actions change into more intimate activities while the lights are out. The first player to reach the end of the game board, wins, and spins the spinner to select the winning game space. “We are very excited to be bringing this innovative concept to the market.” explains CEO Brian Pellham.