Kheper Games launches new card game and bath bombs

Kheper Games announce the release of two additional items to their product lines:  The Oral Sex Card Game and Sex Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs. The Oral Sex Card Game expands upon the Oral Sex board game, but with game play similar to Kheper’s A Year of Sex! Card Game. The players now can try 50 different foreplay and oral sex positions with this illustrated how-to game. There are three ways to play, and 100,000 possible different fantasies. Each fantasy contains 5 cards, with at least two oral sex cards for him to enjoy and two for her.

Sex Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs is a set of 6 aromatic and romantic bath bombs with each having a unique sex fortune inside. There are three vanilla-scented bath bombs and three strawberries and cream bath bombs. Each dissolve in a warm tub to reveal a waterproof sex fortune that floats to the surface of the tub. Examples of fortunes include “You are the master of every situation… in bed (be dominant)” and “Confuscious say… you should be having sex in the tub right now”. The bombs are also hot tub safe for fun in any size tub.

“We find it is very important and we have been very successful in figuring what is new to bring to the market,” explains CEO Brian Pellham.  “People are always looking for new sex positions to try, and that is especially true for oral sex. Most of us get in a rut and catch ourselves doing the same thing every time, so it’s exciting for your lover to surprise him or her with something new. That is also true for a couple’s bath together. Fun in the tub is a great way to break up a couple’s routine.”