Kheper Games launches new ‘What the (Eggplant-to-Taco)?’ game

Kheper Games, Inc. is proud to release its newest adult party game, What the (Eggplant-to-Taco)?.  It’s the latest in a long line of very successful adult humored party games that Kheper Games, Inc. has been developing recently. It is a fast-paced game of turning emoji card combinations together to form dirty text message. The product will launch with 6 other new items at the upcoming ANME show.

To play What the (Eggplant-to-Taco)?, shuffle the cards and lay out the three top cards. The first player to come up with a plausible dirty text message that fits the cards, wins that card set as a point. For example, if you have the ‘looking’ eyes, a tongue and a hole, an appropriate answer could be ‘I am looking to lick a vagina.’ There are 200 emoji cards included as well as a glossary for any player who needs to brush up on their emoji knowledge before game play. 

“Adult humored party games are super fun to create and play.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “People want to get together and have a good time with their friends.  Our adult party games are very simple to learn and play as well, which keeps party guests more engaged.  Also, people love to use their adult emojis while texting and using dating or hookup apps. We predict this game will lead to friends texting each other their favorite combinations long after they play. It was a lot of fun for me personally to research. There are some dirty, dirty birds out there…”