Kheper Games launches two new party games

Kheper Games announced the release of two new party games for intimate game nights or Zoom or other video chat play.  Both games offer 400 questions and are called What If…? And More Extreme Personal Questions.

What If…? Is the adult party game where you blurt out the most ridiculous answers you can come up with to crazy What If…? scenarios.  One player reads a What If…? Scenario Card to two competing players.  They try to quickly come up with inappropriate and hilarious answers.  The group then awards a point to the best answer.  For 3-20 Players.

More Extreme Personal Questions is the much-anticipated follow-up version to the very popular Extreme Personal Questions Game.  Game play is the same.  Players take turns asking the group questions and the first two volunteers share their answers.  The group votes for their favorite answer, and that player wins the card as the point.  A player wins after 5 points.   The content delivers well on the name of the game, so brace yourself!  Questions are HUGELY personal!

In addition to being great games to play at parties in the future; they can also be played with a friend or friends over a device, with a video chat or live event.

Kheper Games’s widely expanded game demo page is at

“We are excited to bring these games to market because of how humorous and incredibly flexible each game’s play is.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Both games are great for smaller get togethers, either in person, or via video chat play.  As so many countries are coming out of social shutdowns due to Covid-19, we feel that it is very important that we do our part and help people learn to socialize safely with games like these.”