Kheper Games releases new Adult Birthday Crackers

Kheper Games, Inc. is excited to announce that they are expanding their line of crackers to include ‘Adult Birthday Crackers’. ‘Adult Birthday Crackers’pop open to revealeverything you need to have a fun birthday party in a box. The set includes two ‘Adult Birthday Crackers’ which contain several items inside each cracker. There is a drink or dare card game, adult humor party dice game, a crown, a shot glass and lots of confetti. Three pieces of word confetti in each cracker combine together to share a new way to celebrate. Add in the regular confetti as well and that totals to be 8 things that come out of each cracker “We were so amazed at how well our past ‘Sex!’ and ‘Christmas Sex! Crackers’ have performed last year that we had to expand the line further to include crackers for another very special day, Birthdays!” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “They’re cute, fun, and give you a full night of decorations and entertainment for your guest of honor.”