Kheper, Inc. launches new Rainbow Dick Suckers and F*ck You! Suckers

Kheper, Inc. is excited to announce that it is expanding its line of edibles and gums to now include suckers.

Rainbow Dick Suckers is a set of six penis-shaped suckers, each with a different flavor. Flavors are: strawberry, orange, banana, lime, blue raspberry, and grape. They are perfect for pride celebrations, bride-to-be and other adult parties; as each guest can select their own favorite flavor of sucker. Each sucker is 20 grams and 30 calories.
Let other people know how you really feel about them with your strawberry-flavored F*ck You! Sucker. Great fun for when you are hanging out with friends or other people you don’t mind playfully taunting. Includes 50 gram sucker. 80 calories per sucker.

“Fun novelty candies and gums have been a section for us with a high demand for new ideas lately,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “We love also that we can share these items in time for Pride celebrations as well. Rainbow items and fun kitschy items like these have really become a lot more popular lately with our customers. More to come at ANME of course!”

Kheper, Inc. has an extensive line of edibles and gum products; including Laid! Gum, Cherry Pasties, Candy Cane Pasties, Gingerbread Woman Pasties, Shamrock Pasties, Strawberry Pasties, Heart Pasties, and Beer Pasties.