Kheper releases new Birthday Cake Pasties

Kheper, Inc. is excited to announce that they are expanding their line of pasties to include Birthday Cake Pasties.  Birthday Cake Pasties are vanilla cake flavored and come in a set of two. For birthday fun, have that special someone make a wish, and lick out the candles! 

Edible pasties are intended primarily as nipple coverings and are meant to be licked vs. eaten. The printing is on rice paper and they peel off their backings and can then be placed directly on the skin. Kheper does recommend though that you moisten the back of the pasties before placing them to ensure they solidly stick.

“We were so amazed at how well our past four holiday pasties have performed last year that we had to expand the line further to include pasties for another very special day, Birthdays!” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “They’re cute, fun, and flavorful. We always make certain that our candies and gums are as delicious as they are attractive.”