KIIROO release third-generation Onyx+

KIIROO announce the release of their third-generation Onyx masturbator. The third generation device, named Onyx+ after its predecessors, comes with an entirely new motor, increased functionality and a sleeker aesthetic.

The Onyx+ has been developed with a premium experience in mind. The internal and external upgrades have been made to ensure increased play-time and seamless long-distance, hands free connectivity. 

Pre-reviewers of the product were pleasantly surprised with the improvements and design-changes, with one reviewer noting: “A new motor design that’s even better pleasure wise [than Onyx2] while somehow being even more silent, I’d say it’s one of the few “sequel” toys that actually justifies having its own name & reputation versus a meaningless “upgrade.” 

Whilst the device has been encased in a more polished and discreet design, prioritizing accessibility and compactness, this has not compounded the technological superiority of The Onyx+. According to CEO of KIIROO, Toon Timmermans: “We have worked hard to improve the contracting technology of Onyx without losing the compact, travel friendly outer shell and all that makes it special: the interactive technology. It was a great feeling to accomplish that and not lose the appeal of Onyx that our customers liked so much.”