Le Wand Plug-In Vibrating Massager now available in Rose gold

Offering continuous power to please all night long, Le Wand’s Plug-In Vibrating Massager now has a stylish new look as it debuts in the award-winning premium brand’s incredibly popular rose gold color.

The addition of Le Wand’s Plug-In Vibrating Massager in rose gold adds to the range of offerings in the popular color, including wireless and palm-sized massagers.

“We wanted to give all the rose gold fans an ultra-powerful option in their pleasure-seeking and the Plug-In is the ultimate,” Le Wand founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair Rosen said. “We’re excited to add this popular colorway to the selection of Plug-Ins, which blends timeless retro appeal and unmatched power with modern functionality.”

Le Wand’s Plug-In Vibrating Massager’s main highlight is its 8-foot cord that enables power hunters with mighty vibrations for endless, uninterrupted play. Its best-in-class, classic style features unparalleled quality with an award-winning design to match.

It features 10 distinctive, rumbly vibration speeds and 6 vibration patterns. The sleek soft-touch handle and extra-long 8’ cord make it easy to hold and navigate in multiple angles while the flexible neck bends for positioning and pleasure. Le Wand’s Plug-In Vibrating Massager is also easy to use, with a simple three-button interface that allows you to switch between vibration modes and adjust the intensity.