LELO introduces SORAYA Beads

Even with all the talk about sexual wellness, there is still a tendency to stigmatise acts that might be considered non-traditional by some. LELO has conducted a survey to get to the bottom of why people are still willing to avoid orgasms resulting from anal play. Oh, and created SORAYA Beads, an anal massager here to provide a new kind of orgasmic bliss.
There’s no one way to describe anal sex as it feels different for every single person. Whether a pro or newbie to anal play, male or female, the difference in the expectations, prep work and experiences can be quite distinct. Using a survey, LELO interviewed almost nine thousand people across the world (1000 of those in the UK) with a variety of questions about their thoughts and experiences with anal sex. 


Pain is the most common reason for avoiding anal sex 
According to the survey carried out by LELO,  statistics show that globally 35% of participants have anal sex whilst  a whopping 48.5% do not engage in anal sex at all. Out of those who do not have anal, 44% would like to try it but the concerns outweigh their curiosity. The fear of anal play causing pain, among other concerns, is real. One in three participants will not get to try because their partner refuses to try it, while 15% are too anxious to even bring up the topic and discuss it with their partner, because of the stigma. 


For those that do engage in anal sex
  • Of those who have anal, the reasons for having it vary even more than those who avoid anal play. In the UK, 27% do it to increase the level of intimacy in their relationship, while 36% believe they will experience more physical pleasure. Of the highest statistics, a whopping 37% of participants have anal sex because they want to please their partner but one in 3 participants said they engage in anal sex because their orgasms felt more intense than any other kind of pleasure so there is a clear benefit to breaking down the fear around anal sex and exploring new pleasure. 


Sex toys are a good place to start 
  • Sex toys are a great way to explore your or your partner’s derrière, however, the report showed that only 12% of UK respondents who have tried anal have used a sex toy vs globally at 17%. However, there is a clear interest with 22% of UK participants planning to try them. 


Introducing SORAYA™ Beads – anal toy designed specially for women. But not restricted solely to them
Even though the sexual wellness industry seems to favour women more, it seems like there are infinitely more anal toys (mostly prostate massagers) that are more geared towards men. LELO is all about curating beautiful pieces of art that are not only gorgeous but also incredibly satisfying. For everyone. The latest LELO toy – the SORAYA™ Beads – is the anal beads massager designed with women in mind (due to the differences in the anatomy of the rear) but is in fact a genderless toy that can be enjoyed by all.
The new, cascading design featuring 4 gradually increasing beads is intended for maximum comfort when exploring anal pleasure, thus making it a perfect first (entry level) anal toy that allows you to gently explore a completely new world of arousal and pleasure. Coupled with our pleasure settings, it allows every person to try it at their pace and level of comfort. The string of beads is also a perfect design intended to give pleasure while inserting the beads, but also when pulled out it gives the user a euphoric rush. 
SORAYA Beads was created to move into the anal play niche sphere, offering 4 beads in total, gradually sculpted in size to provide a gentle start with the smallest, building up to the largest bead for more experienced users. Inspired by the movements of violin players, SORAYA Beads’ Bow-motion technology mimics the stroking motion of a violin bow. The beads in the toy move in a wave-like motion, allowing users to feel the movement from top to bottom. This unique technology enhances the pleasure and provides a distinct experience compared to other anal toys.


SORAYA Beads in a nutshell:
  • 8 different modes to experience and explore.
  • Innovative Bow-Motion™ technology using the powerful vibrations that resonate inside you, one bead after another.
  • Cascading pleasure design 
  • Body-safe silicone
  • USB-charged
  • Waterproof
  • 1-year Limited Warranty