LELO is releasing ENIGMA

Sexuality is a mystery that has captivated our attention since the dawn of time. And now, more than ever before we tend to see it as a spectrum. It is the idea that people’s sexual identities and orientations are complex and cannot be easily classified. The beauty of it is that people get to acknowledge their desires, and instead of talking about two opposite poles sexuality is viewed as numerous possibilities. And it is precisely that – possibilities – the new LELO pleasure product is here to offer.

Unearthing secret pleasures

Rewriting the prevailing narrative that sex is inherently shameful, wrong and/or that it can be described only in terms of two poles indicates we are the highest level of mindfulness, thus combating the objectification and exploitations of the human body. It steers towards a more holistic and natural approach to sexuality, health and sexual pleasure.

LELO has never been the one to be satisfied with the status quo, and that is why it has always pushed the boundaries to offer something genuinely out-of-this-world – ENIGMA. Made for the explorers ready to dive into the pleasures that are yet to be discovered ENIGMA™ offers the holistic pleasure concept. Its owners are in charge of their sexual desires, exploring them one by one. They wear their uniqueness, from their style to their wants, proudly, exploring their desires – never afraid to be different. 

Unlike any other similar product, ENIGMA offers deep clitoral stimulation together with G-spot vibration for an orgasm so intense it’s not meant for everyone. ENIGMA, a luxurious dual-action massager, mixes it up by offering the best of both worlds. Eager to please and never a tease, this intimate massager is the partner you always wanted but never knew existed. Featuring the best of clitoral sonic waves on the outside and gentle pulsations on the inside, ENIGMA flutters in all the right places for unforgettable orgasms you never thought possible. And orgasms you won’t be able to forget.

Mind-blowing stimulation – pleasure from two angles 

ENIGMA is inspired by LELO’s two best-selling products, SONA and SORAYA, offering the most luxurious hybrid pleasure concept possible. It features sonic wave technology that offers clitoral stimulation resonating deep within your body just like SONA and the ergonomic internal stimulator that massages the G-spot just like SORAYA, giving an all-encompassing orgasm.

ENIGMA sonic waves stimulate the clitoris, its outer visible and invisible inner area, thus ensuring the climax’s strength. The silicone has been engineered to absorb sonic waves and transmit them back to the clitoris, for deeper but gentler sensation. Dual-action Sonic Wave Technology combines sonic waves with gentle pulses for twice the pleasure. 

Eight vibration patterns are sure to provide you with a way to meet your mood, and the ultra-smooth, extra-soft premium and body-safe silicone are here for an ultimate sensual experience. 

These vibration patterns to choose from for internal and/or external stimulation guarantee the ‘just-right’ feeling every single time.

ENIGMA in a nutshell:

  • Combines sonic waves with gentle pulses for twice the pleasure.
  • Internal and external stimulation for mind-blowing pleasure, just the way you like it.
  • Eight settings & patterns to find that ‘just right’ feeling.
  • 100% waterproof & USB-rechargeable for portable use, ENIGMA™ can go wherever you go, and the smooth, totally waterproof design is easy to keep clean. 
  • Quiet yet powerful for discrete, long-lasting bliss.
  • One year warranty & 10-year quality guarantee.
  • ENIGMA™ comes in two colours – deep rose and black.

RRP: ENIGMA 189 euros/189 US dollars