Level launches collection of lubricants

Level proudly presents its new collection of lubricants, Shine. This collection of lubricants consists of five different types of lubricant. These affordable products have been developed to uphold the passion in a relationship. From now on the different types of Level Lubricant are available at various online shops.

  • Level Lube Classic: Silicone lubricant with an extremely long glide!
  • Level Lubricant Vitalize: Standard water-based lubricant, suitable for everyone.
  • Level Energy Lubricant: The lubricant to delay the male climax to let you enjoy even more of an intense experience.
  • Level Lubricant Velvet: A caring lubricant for those with a sensitive skin.
  • Level Lubricant Hardcore: Thicker water-based lubricant for anal sex.

The different types of Level Lubricants are available in luxurious bottles of 100ml. More info at www.WorldofLevel.com