Lingox Factory releases masturbators made with olive oil

Lingox created a new sex toy made with olive oil. According to the Spanish manufacturer, olive oil is one of the most effective natural moisturizers that exist, its natural fatty acids and its contribution of vitamins E and K, make olive oil excellent to care of the skin.

“From Lingox, we believe that the future of this industry is in sexual healthy, creating and developing increasingly natural and safer materials for the skin,” the company said in a press release. “The materials evolve more and more every day, but this industry of adult toys, it seems that the materials have stagnated, for a long time everything could be used to make a sex toy, male and / or female. It did not matter if the materials smelled good or bad, materials that were suitable for contact with the skin or that were not. Many manufacturers have taken advantage of this situation to sell anything.”

Lingox Factory is 5 years old, and in all this time has tried to use the most suitable materials for contact with the skin. The company thinks that the aroma of an intimate product is essential and finds that the strong smell of plastic, silicone, and many other materials, can make a pleasant experience or a disastrous experience.

From the beginning, all the products by Lingox have been flavored with pleasant scents, that aim to make the use of their products, not only a physical experience, but also a sensory experience. Lingox products have always contained Antibacterial and Antimicrobial agents.

Now they have been able to manufacture the first sex toy in the world with Olive Oil, a material with a natural and hydrating natural element.

“I believe without a doubt, that this step that Lingox did will mark a before and after in the industry,” said CEO Manuel Martin. “From now on, laboratories will try to get more hygienic and natural materials, making erotic products, healthier products. In our factory this is already a reality.”

Women and men who use dildos will not have to wait long to take advantage of olive oil in their sex toys, Lingox announces. In a few days they aim to present the first dildos made with olive oil. All new products are manufactured 100% in Spain with Olive Oil from Andalusia.